Developers and Business Advisors

Business Advisors

The challenge most advisors to service industries face is getting accurate information from their customers fragmented systems. Often the arduous questionnaires send to customers to get the required information makes the customer lose interest. Profitdiagnostix completely automates the data collection process and allows the business advisor to increase their capacity with over 4 times the number of customers. Profitdiagnostix works closely with business advisors who advise to specific service professions. It allows you to give deeper and more meaningful analysis of your customers business without the pain of data collection. Contact us if you are advising to a specific service industry – working with people who have insight to a specific profession is something we love to do.


At Profitdiagnostix we want to work with other development teams to enhance the financial and performance reporting capability of business systems!

We will make a concerted effort to work with your development team to integrate your software system, and you will be surprised at how fast we can do this. It is not unusual for us to connect to another system in under 3 days if the team on the other end is proactive and willing to work with us.

So if you are in charge of any commercial practice management system and would like us to put our highly experienced developers and accountants at your disposal to enhance the reporting of your product, don’t be shy, fill in the contact form: Contact Us