Problems Solved

ProblemsHow Profitdiagnostix solves them
Overwhelmed by what you should be measuring in your business and you don't know where to start?Profitdiagnostix is managed by business specialists and accountants who are familiar with YOUR industry. Your system will get set up and configured for your business type. From the moment we have set your system up you will get easy to understand and useful information about the key weaknesses in your business compared to the same business type in your country. This is a GREAT starting point - start focusing on where your business is weakest.
A feeling that you may be missing some key issue?There is not a single business that we have seen with all the bases covered, so it is likely that you ARE missing something, most businesses do. We will identify a lot of things that you are missing AND tell you which are the most important ones.
Don’t know what areas of your business to focus on?When you know how your business compares to your competitors, its easy to focus. Simply focus on the four key items where your business deviates the most from your industry standard. Focusing on 4 achievable tasks vs 100 arbitrary metrics significantly increases your chance of success.
Some staff are losing you money but you don’t know which ones?Profitdiagnostix has pre-built reports for your industry for all your team. So if a team member is performing below average in key areas, this is highlighted. Your key team members are compared to industry average in the important KPIs for your industry.
Your business is making no money and you don’t know why?Once you know where your business is underperforming and possibly also which team members are underperforming it is much easier to focus on the serious problem areas. You will know why and exactly where your business is losing money.
Fear of failure, fear of losing money, fear of losing control?A business generally will lose money and direction if performance issues are left for too long. Profitdiagnostix offers real time business health checks tailored for your industry type allow you to detect the common problems that your type of business suffers from early on. This puts you in control of your business by reacting early and fixing problems while they are still easy to address.