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Here are some samples of the many reports that can be generated on Profitdiagnostix

  • Reports can be generated for almost any time period, for any sales item and filtered by staff.
  • Powerful analysis such as active client numbers can also be generated.
  • Targets can be set and displayed on charts
  • YOU can design and edit your own reports! Because no two businesses are the same!

Business Health Checks

Here you can see important parameters of your business as a snapshot with trend lines. A good way to assess the ongoing health of your business using parameters such as active client numbers, sales opportunities from vaccinations, consultations and revisits and billing accuracy in trends with Average transaction fee.

Staff overhead is calculated using data from your wages and therefore parameters can be calculated down to full time equivalent per month.


Note in the above chart, decreasing active client numbers AND decreasing active clients per full time equivalent, indicating that this business is not adapting their staff overhead to declining client numbers 


Note in the above chart how revenue is measured at 2 levels – cash register and accounting. This checks that cash is getting from the cash register to the bank, Note the target line which clearly indicates the business strategy with regards to sales revenue. Note the wages line, accurately normalised by adjusting for ‘fair’ owners wage (the actual hours worked by owner)

Profit and Loss items

Here you can see profit and loss data from accounting software with associated target levels. Targets allow the business owner to identify problems quickly.


Transactional Reports

Here you can see reports generated for sales items. This data is collected from your practice management software AUTOMATICALLY. In this example the business is monitoring sales of key profitability items such as dentistry and consultations. Targets can be set so the business owner can see shortfalls.


Staff Reports

Here you can see individual staff performance reports so that individuals in your team can be monitored. The system will also email each individual their personal performance report on a weekly basis, giving your team regular feedback so that they can increase their performance.