Profitdiagnostix can handle the most complex data scenarios

Profitdiagnostix can handle even the most complex branch situations as long as your systems keep record of what belongs in each branch. This way, even the largest clinics that are split into many branches and even regional entities can get accurate and consistent reporting, benchmarks and KPI’s on their data.

Below are just common examples, so if your accounting and data systems appear complex, just ask us, it is likely that Profitdiagnostix can deal with your complex splitting and re-combining of data.

Many scenarios can occur, here are some common examples:


Scenario 1: Multiple clinics on different servers with different practice management systems. Each clinic has different accounting software.

Example: Branch A runs on Rx works and Xero, Branch B runs on Ezyvet and Quickbooks

In this case, we treat each practice as a completely separate business.
We create a Profitdiagnostix system for each clinic.
If the business owner then requires to report as a group, we create a third system and SHARE the date from the 2 branches into what we call a ‘consolidated’ system.


Scenario 2: Multiple clinics on the SAME server, each clinic has different accounting software

Example: 2 branches both run on the same server running one practice management system. One of the branches connects via remote desktop. The practice management system ‘tags’ all the transactions and customers with a branch tag.

Whenever data resides in the same place (all on one server), it is more efficient to get ALL the date in one go.
We create one Profitdiagnostix system to get all the data – this system name will have ‘ – Data’ at the end of it
We then SPLIT the data based on the branch tags, so an additional Profitdiagnostix system is created for each branch which then holds only the data for that branch.
We then connect the accounting software to each split system in this case because each branch had separate accounting systems.

Finally, if the business requires this, we can still create a final ‘consolidated’ system that generates reports for the entire business – this will bring back together the split data and merge the results of the disparate accounting systems. It will also merge all the accounting adjustments made for commercial owners wage and fair rent.

In cases where we split data, the first system called ‘XXXXX – Data’ can be used to map all your products and fees. This mapping will then carry across to the branches. This means you only have top map products in one place and is very useful for large multi branch clinics.

If staff work at multiple branches, then it is also better to get individual staff reports from the first system labelled ‘XXXXX – Data’ as this would score their performance across all branches vs having to produce a different staff report for each branch for one staff member.


Scenario 3: Multiple clinics on the same server and on the same accounting software that want reports for each branch

From the perspective of the practice management system connection, this scenario is exactly the same as Scenario 2.

However, in this case, all branches use the same accounting database. In these cases Profitdiagnostix will support accounting systems that have a way of tracking financial transactions for branches or departments. Many accounting systems have this feature – in Xero it’s called ‘tracking’ and in MYOB it’s called ‘job codes’.

So if your bookkeeper tags everything correctly by branch clinic, then we use exactly the same concept as we use for the practice management software. We first collect ALL the accounting data in the ‘XXXXX- Data’ system. We then SPLIT the accounting data by branch and send a copy of it to the Profitdiagnostix system for that branch.

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